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Masterclass in Wood carving with Koycho Kolev

Masterclass in Wood carving with Koycho Kolev



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I have 40 years of experience in making artistic products with wood carvings, as well as iconostasis of churches, wooden ceilings and more. I have a master's certificate.

Koicho Kolev organized a master class in wood carving, in which he introduced the participants to the specifics of this ancient craft; demonstrates the qualities of different types of wood and the basic processing techniques. Participants can make their own product, under his guidance and with materials and tools provided by him. Visitors and guests of the Dobrich region will be attracted as participants, as well as young people from woodcarving schools who have a clear interest. For this purpose, a working room will be equipped in the village of Odrintsi, where the master's studio is housed. And with the products that will be made during the master class, an exhibition will be held in old Dobrich, in order to popularize this artistic craft and attract other participants. The aim is to preserve the memory of the artistic craft Woodcarving and to demonstrate several classic techniques of working with different types of wood according to old traditions and woodcarving schools. The aim is to provoke interest in this art-craft and to create conditions for continuity and inheritance in modern times.
The way of presentation, promotion and demonstration of the product implies innovation by including the following elements:
-The product "Wood Carving Master Class" is a suitable form for presenting and passing on wood carving skills.
-The master will pass on his knowledge and skills to interested youngsters, which is extremely valuable because it is a well-known truth that a craft is only learned from a master, by showing and doing under his guidance and direction.
-The presentation and live contact with a master woodcarver is an authentic and impactful way to convey expertise, to preserve and spread the art of artistic woodwork.
-The craft is basically a traditional artistic creation that reveals the close connection with the ancestors and creates a sense of belonging to the national way of life and traditions.
-The product is a creative initiative that can give impetus to the promotion, preservation and continuity of other crafts that are already dying out.
-The exhibition of the crafted woodcarving products and the product "Woodcarving Master Class" will be presented to the tourist industry operating in the territory of the Dobrich region, which will add another attraction to the tourist portfolio of the destination. Carving is a process of processing, cutting and shaping wood for practical and decorative purposes. The result of the process can be a wooden sculpture, a figure or the decoration of a wooden object. The final product of the process is called wood carving. It is a craft with a rich history, dating back to before the establishment of the Bulgarian state, and the love of the Slavs for it was well known. It plays an important role in the development of society and the preservation of traditions.
-Shepherd woodcarving gives the basis and impetus to Bulgarian woodcarving. The processing of small wooden objects, with a simpler form for personal use, enter deeply into the Bulgarian way of life and culture.
-Wood carving arouses interest in the church as well, as it is considered one of the most difficult types and is used in the interior design of Bulgarian churches. This art develops, becomes exquisite and perfect. Wood carvings of iconostases and carved doors, preserved over the years, made at a high level, today awaken in every artist the desire to continue, create and create.
-Homemade wood carving was known and popular to Bulgarians during the Bulgarian Renaissance. During this period, it reached its peak - the decoration of the homes of the bourgeoisie - carved ceilings, chests, canes, etc. The most common motifs in home carving are plant images and animal figures.
-In Bulgarian woodcarving, there is a wide variety of ornaments and forms, characteristic of the Bulgarian feeling towards creativity and realization of creative potential.
-The creative process itself is rewarding as it develops fundamental qualities and skills such as observation, imagination, organization, persistence, engineering thought, combinativity, creativity, the list goes on and on. The need to create and create things with his hands is inherent in every conscious person.
-The sacred and mythical beginnings of nature and man are intertwined in wood carving. To achieve this union requires love and patience, a rich imagination and a precise hand. In the hands of the master woodcarver, the tree comes to life, fills with soul and begins to bring warmth and beauty again. It brings a touch of nature and the land of our ancestors.
-Wood carving, as cultural heritage, tells about the history of traditions and their understanding, as values necessary in the modern world.

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