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Wheel-throwing masterclass



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During the visit, guests can see exhibition of Gori traditional ceramics, a kiln from the XIX century, and listen to a Tatulashvili family story. The experienced master will demonstrate a wheel-throwing masterclass and explains the steps of making a specific vessel. The guest has the opportunity to create own ceramic sample under his supervision. Tasting local homemade wine and snacks can be organized in case of prior request.

In XIX and the beginning of XX century traditional ceramics, both glazed and not, developed and spread wide over Georgia. There were 50 manufacturing centers all over the country. One of them was Gori, the city where the glazed ceramics was produced and was especially known for its diversity of style. Yellow and purple glazed ceramics with original green floral ornaments was also peculiar for Gori glazed ceramics. Giorgi Tatulashvili, who continues the traditions of Gori glazed ceramics, lives in the city of Gori and has been practicing the traditional craft learned from his ancestors for 20 years. The whole Tatulashvili family, the potter's grandfather, father and brother made traditional ceramics of Gori. Years ago, the house Tatulashvili family, where his grandfather's kiln from XIX century remains, used to be a gathering place for the local community. As the family was famous for their works, honorable guests were always brought there by their hosts. The master's works include bowls, jugs, jars for sour milk, wine vessels other tableware. His white-glazed ware with blue-painted floral ornamentation is outstanding. In the museum, for the glazed ceramics of Gori, traditional whitish or yellow glaze decorated with greenish colored bowls, jugs, zoomorphic cups, cellars, pitchers and other shaped vessels are made.

Season :

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,

Seating capacity :

10 Persons

Duration of the service :

90 -180 minutes

Guest requirements & Cancellation rules :

2 Days before arrival

Working hours :

12:00 - 18:00

Resting Days :


Min and Max number of visitors :



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