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The project "Tourism, Heritage and Creativity" (THC 1130) is a joint endeavour of 3 countries - Georgian Arts and Culture Center, Bulgarian - European Institute for Cultural Tourism EUREKA NPO, Ukrainian Foundation for the Development of the City of Mykolaiv (FND), and Gori Municipality City Hall. The project implementation period is between 26.09.2020 and 30.06.2023. THC 1130 is carried out with the support of the ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020 and is funded by the European Union.
It aims to bind the Tourism and Culture sectors together for mutual advantage and multiplication of the effect in the Black Sea Basin countries.  The overall objective is to contribute to the advancement of the businesses within these sectors via joint action for the development of creative tourism and cultural products based on local heritage assets. 
To create a solution to these challenges, the project sets three main objectives:
1)Building capacity of local actors for successful cross-border business cooperation in creative tourism and merging cultural sectors;
2)Development of innovative cross-border creative tourism offers and cultural products based on local heritage assets;
3)Development of platforms for joint promotion of creative tourism and cultural products of target countries.
The project establishes an e-platform (www.tourndo.com) for the joint promotion and marketing of creative tourism and cultural products, which sets direct links between customers and suppliers. The development of a physical platform also contributes to networking among the participant BS countries and beyond them. Combining the creative tourism destinations in thematic routes strengthens their marketing opportunities, develops the cross—border business links in the sectors and creates a network of marketing points for the merchandising of the BS heritage products.


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