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The tour includes the promotion of regional cultural resources, the introduction of the history and modernity of architecture, tangible and intangible monuments of cultural heritage, workshops and artels to the visitor. It involves demonstration visits to traditional crafts: goldsmithing, pottery, woodworking masters, tasting in 19th century cellars and getting to know the history of crafts related to the same houses. During the master class, an experienced craftsman will show you the process of making clay on the wheel and explain the stages of pottery making. The guest has the opportunity to create his own ceramic sample under his supervision. Upon prior request, it is possible to organize local family wine and snacks tasting.

Traditionally, Chavchavadze Street in Telavi, the same Matsantsara district, was the craftsman's street; From the 19th century until the 1980s, the workshops and artisans operating here sold their products on the street, enlivening the area. Contemporaries still remember Chavchavadze Street, which was turned into an "open-air exhibition", which is the main artery of the district and connects to Cholokashvili Street, which was rehabilitated a few years ago, through the rise of Dabahgebi, formerly leather worker’s street - Dabagi Street. In particular, butchers, carpenters and potters/ceramists predominated. Today, the old houses preserved here are characterized by the construction of sheds.

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Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,

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1.5 Hours

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Reservation at least 3 days in advance, cancellation at least 2 day in advance

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