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Master class on the Taurian painting

Master class on the Taurian painting





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The Unknown Taurian. Master class on the Taurian painting

Since ancient times, people have tried to decorate their homes and other places with pictures. A variety of surfaces were used: sides of pottery items, wooden spoons, drawers, sides of carts, stoves and house walls. People in many regions of Ukraine have developed their own painting styles. In the south of Ukraine, in the 19th century, an authentic type of painting emerged – the Taurian painting. There are no forests in Mykolayiv region, so houses were built from what was at hand: clay, reeds, straw. To prevent the walls from getting wet from rain and snow, they were whitewashed several times a year with lime, to which copper sulphate was added. Because of that the buildings had a blue tint. The outside walls were decorated with special painting, each element of which had a protective and magical meaning. Now the Taurian painting is included in the regional register of objects of intangible cultural heritage. It has transformed into painting on paper, fabric, and ceramics.

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