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Master class on traditional jewelry

The beginning of the history of jewelry was laid back in ancient times. Obviously, the first pieces were not jewels at all, but shells, stones, and plants gifted by nature, with the help of which ancient analogues of modern necklaces, bracelets and earrings were made. The desire to beautify oneself and to stand out from the crowd was already clearly present, and it was this that later led to the emergence of a wide variety of jewelry that pleases the human eye with its sophistication and uniqueness. In ancient times, however, as it is now, it was believed that jewels indicated the wealth of their owners. Only in the modern world, first of all, the quality of jewelry and jewelry work is valued, while in ancient times, a large number of jewelry served as the main sign of wealth. The Workshop of Halytsynivska berehynia is a space where everyone can join the cultural heritage of our region and through variety if master classes get the knowledge of our ancestors and create a personal, magical work of art. We are waiting for you!

Season :

Summer, Autumn,

Seating capacity :


Duration of the service :

2 hours

Guest requirements & Cancellation rules :

Reservation 3-4 days in advance, cancellation 2 days in advance

Working hours :

11:00 - 18:00

Resting Days :


Min and Max number of visitors :



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