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Kizikian Rag weaving Masterclass

Kizikian Rag weaving Masterclass




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During the visit, visitors can see the Georgian rug showroom and hear a story about the workshop and weaving history. During the master class, an experienced master will show you the process of weaving a rug on a loom, explain the stages of its production, as well as a master class on dyeing with natural dyes. Guests have the opportunity to participate in the weaving and dyeing process and purchase a souvenir on the spot. Upon prior request, local family wine tasting and local, authentic dishes are available.

Handiwork has an ancient tradition in Georgia. In the family industry of Eastern Georgia, woolen fabrics, which were made at home, were of great importance. The location and climate of Kiziq created all the conditions for the development of sheep farming, and it is related to the refinement of family handicrafts. The existence of a continuous tradition of weaving in the territory of Kizik is indicated by the rugs, khurjinis, jejims, etc., made at a high artistic level, which have survived to this day, and which were not only used for living, but also represented export goods. Kizikuri rugs with their artistic value, performance technique and distinctive aesthetics are special and outstanding among Caucasian rugs.

Season :

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,

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Duration of the service :

1,5 Hours

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Reservation at least 5 days in advance, cancellation at least 7 day in advance

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