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Real Archaeological Expedition/Restoration tour with local traditional workshop

Real Archaeological Expedition/Restoration tour with local traditional workshop





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Our organization – Archaeological Association of Georgia – has an idea of Archaeological tourism, where participants can take part in real expedition, excavations, restoration, surveys which consists of following steps: 1))Transferring to location of a tour (Georgia, Mtsketa Municipality, Ksani) 2)Briefing of upcoming tour with creating historic and cultural/heritage context in Ksani Archeological Base by certified Archaeologists 3) Transferring to Excavation site with guidance of an archaeologists 4) Excursion and opportunity to take part in archaeological expedition (this includes sighting of the site, excavating under control of archaeologist, documenting findings, etc) 5)In the Ksani Archaeological Base we will conduct: 5.1) Restoration of ancient ceramic vessels masterclass with archaeologist 5.2) Wine and cuisine tasting prepared by locals in traditions of MtsketaTianeti region 6) Transfer back to Tbilisi

The Caucasus, particularly Georgia, played an important role in the development of humanity. Several archaeological cultures were born and developed here, which made significant changes at different stages of human development (Ex: the Kura-Araxes culture). Georgia is the birthplace of such cultural traditions as wine, wheat, metallurgy, and others. It, like today, played an important role in the military-political, economic-cultural sphere and at the same time connected the civilized worlds of the North Caucasus and the south of the Caucasus, and later the Western and Eastern empires.

Georgia is distinguished by the variety of climatic features and landscape. Depending on the area of implementation of our project, the climatic and relief features of Shida Kartli are important, which are directly related to human settlement processes. Archeology is of great importance for the research of these processes.

Archeological research in the territory of Georgia, began in the Shida Kartli region in the 70s of the 19th century. The place chosen for the implementation of our project is not accidental, because it was here, in the Mtskheta and Ksni valleys, that the foundation of Georgian statehood was laid, and later, In the 4th century AD, the unchanging Western orientation of the Georgian nation was decided on the Thoti mountain and its surrounding area, which was expressed by the adoption of the Christian religion, and this path is unshakable to this day. In addition to the ancient period, the mentioned area attracts the attention of people in almost all periods of development, from the Stone Age to the present day. There are such archeological and architectural monuments as: Jvari, Svetitskhoveli, Samtravto’s Monastery, Armaztsikhe-Bagineti, Armaziskhevi Pityakhshta Residence, Samtravto’s Cemetery, Settlement Dzalissia, Ksni Castle, Thoti St. Nino's Church, Cemeteries of Aghayan and Rikyani valley and settlements and Cemeteries of different periods, the study of which has either just started or is still intact.

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