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Non-profit Organization European Institute for cultural tourism EUREKA was established in 2003 by three leading experts in the field of tourism.

Bulgaria, Dobrich


Bulgaria, Dobrich

Full Address

Bulgaria, Dobrich "Polkovnik Drangov" street #5 app.1 / 5 Polkovnik Drangov Str., app. 1, Dobrich, Bulgaria, 9300

The Mission of NPO EUREKA is to develop sustainable and responsible tourism in Bulgaria through promotion and preservation of cultural heritage, local authenticity and natural wealth, to facilitate the creation and management of quality tourism products and highly qualified personnel for the tourism industry. The team of EICT EUREKA - explores the cultural heritage of Bulgaria – traditions, customs, historical and archaeological sites; - Uses an innovative approach in the creation of tourism products, attractions and destinations and their promotion; - Works closely with local, regional and national authorities and the tourism business from the region; - Examines and transfers best practices from European countries, leaders in the tourism industry. In the performance of its mission, NPO "Eureka" works in the following directions: 1. Organizes and conducts trainings, qualifications and retraining of personnel in tourism; 2. Prepares analyses, develops programs and strategies for the development of tourism 3. Participates in regional, national and international projects and programs; 4. Assists the tourism business in the region to create and maintain business contacts and business relations, promotes products and services of the tourist companies; 5. Assists in the marketing and promotion of the tourist product of Dobrich region, Balchik municipality, cross-border tourist destination Istro-Pontic (Silistra, Dobrich, Rousse, Constanţa, Giurgiu, Calarasi), municipality of Isperih; 6. Participates in Dobrich's Advisory Board of tourism and Balchik's categorization Commission; 7. Cooperates with similar organizations; participates in European networks and organizations.


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