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Felt souvenir from Racha

Felt souvenir from Racha





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During the visit, guests can choose the offer they want from 4 options and get involved in the work process with the working group. In order to save their time, some details will be prepared, but they will get theoretical knowledge about it and how it was prepared. In addition to the master classes, they will be introduced with the workshop's working process, its store-showroom "Ethno-On" and, if they wish, they will visit the museum of local history of Oni. Also, on the basis of prior agreement, we can plan master classes in the village of Ghebi, of course, with advance agreement after counting the costs. They can take their hand-made sample with them as a gift.

The village of Ghebi is the center of Rachian culture, from this village comes the tradition of making Racha hats, as well as folklore samples and real Racha clothes. Racha hats are partially similar to Svanuri hats, but they are worn with a different technology and differ in decoration. As for the clothes, the Rachuli clothes consist of many interesting details, among them there are very interesting elements of "quilting" technology, which is considered American technology and it can be thought of as the Rachuli counterpart of the American quilt. It is the assembly of a single fabric with diced circular pieces in different compositional approaches. There are also different Rachuli motifs on the Rachuli silver buckles, which were made of bronze thousands of years ago and represented ritual buckles. It depicts stylized animals, birds and reptiles and expresses the unity of the universe. Combining each of these parts into one decor gives us an interesting composition, which we believe many people should see and promote.

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Spring, Summer, Autumn,

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