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Lili Maisuradze

Lili Maisuradze


Since 2015, the Edena workshop has been working on creating and popularizing traditional Rachuli crafts, reviving the Rachuli motifs in modern items such as bags, shoes, vests, hats, panos, jewelry, souvenirs and various accessories. The workshop has its own neat space where 17 young ladies are employed and receives guests throughout the year to present their creations to them. At the same location, he has his own ethno-tourist shop "Ethno-on", which, in addition to the products of the workshop, sells ethno-tourist products of various masters and entrepreneurs, with a minimal price tag. The workshop is equipped with all the necessary equipment and equipment, as well as inventory, it has the means to plan outing activities with his own income and a car. Among them, it has a close connection with one of the most outstanding centers of Rachu culture, the village of Ghe, where Rachu "hoods", traditional Rachu clothes and folklore were born. The workshop employs 7 professional masters of different types of crafts: felt, batik, cross embroidery, enamel. We have Experience of receiving tourist groups, showing them interesting workshops.

Georgia, Oni



Georgia, Oni

Full Address

Georgia, Oni 15 Rustaveli str., Oni, Racha-Lechkhumi region

During the visit, guests can choose the offer they want from 4 options and get involved in the work process with the working group. In order to save their time, some details will be prepared, but they will get theoretical knowledge about it and how it was prepared. In addition to the master classes, they will be introduced with the workshop's working process, its store-showroom "Ethno-On" and, if they wish, they will visit the museum of local history of Oni. Also, on the basis of prior agreement, we can plan master classes in the village of Ghebi, of course, with advance agreement after counting the costs. They can take their hand-made sample with them as a gift.


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