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Wheatgrass Health Seminar will acquaint the participants with the benefits and ways of growing wheatgrass, as well as its integration into the daily diet. We will introduce people to the modern research on wheatgrass. In the workshop we will demonstrate how the grass can be grown at home and explain the entire process. Wheatgrass is an extremely useful product, it contains a number of vitamins, chlorophyll, as well as essential antioxidants that fight free radicals. 30 ml of wheatgrass juice provides the body with a whole army of antioxidant nutrients, ready to search for and destroy all free radicals. We believe that this is one of the future super foods of mankind. The product is closely related to our region, because Dobrudja considers the granary of Bulgaria. We use only BIO seeds from local producers. This supports and promotes the region. Green in color, wheatgrass is considered a natural form of oxygen. As the name suggests, the plant gets its color from the presence of chlorophyll in it. Chlorophyll is known to increase red blood cells in the body and help in their regeneration. It is also known to help carry oxygen in the blood. You will have the opportunity to try the juice of wheatgrass.

The tourist product is the organization of a Healthy Seminar "Wheat Grass" as a two-day event, which includes the holding of three lectures and three practical workshops on preparing healthy food (dinner, breakfast, lunch); one practice of healthy gymnastics and breathing, as well as three healthy meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch). The lectures will introduce participants to the theory, history and current research on wheatgrass. Hands-on workshops will demonstrate how to grow grass at home, as well as how to prepare it as a quick, tasty and healthy meal. Guests will prepare their own food and learn how and what to combine, and what to avoid when mixing foods. Special attention will be paid to the topic of healthy fasting. The seminar is suitable for families with children, elderly people or company groups in the form of team building. It can also be a great gift in the form of a voucher for anyone who wants to live a full and healthy life. The event will take place on weekend days (Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday) The way of presentation, promotion and demonstration of the product implies innovation by including the following elements:  The product is unique and has no equivalent in the country and is an example of an innovative tourist product that offers a combination of new knowledge in the field of healthy nutrition and the opportunity for participants to get involved in the preparation of healthy food. The product offers an introduction to the specifics of Wheatgrass as an extremely useful food, containing a number of vitamins, chlorophyll, as well as basic, fighting free radicals, antioxidants. The seminar will contribute to the presentation of useful knowledge and the development of valuable skills for the production and ways of consumption of a little-known but extremely useful food product that has the qualities to be one of the future super foods of humanity. An opportunity is created for the participants of the Seminar to "taste" Dobrudja by learning because Dobrudja is considered the "granary of Bulgaria". The product promotes the use of only BIO seeds from local producers, thereby supporting local producers and promoting the region. The product aims to demonstrate healthy eating techniques and practices and to stimulate their wider penetration and application in modern times - both for the needs of healthy eating and as added value to local tourist products. The product is innovative and leading in presenting the subject of Wheatgrass, about which little is known. This makes it a leader in this field. The seminar will be presented to the tourism business as a product that will add value and enrich the tourism portfolio of the region. CULTURAL HERITAGE Dobrichka region occupies the northeastern part of Bulgaria. It borders three regions - Varna, Silistre and Shumen, the Black Sea and Romania. Dobruja is an agricultural region. Due to the natural conditions and climate, wheat, soybeans, corn, sunflower and other crops are grown in the area. Cultural heritage expands its content, it includes not only cultural monuments, ethnography and archaeology, but also diverse cultural practices and manifestations, such as local cuisines, use of traditional varieties and BIO seeds. All this forms the cultural environment. Wheatgrass is essentially a culinary and cultural product. And as such, it is also competitive from the point of view of tourism. Wheatgrass marks its beginning in the 1930s and is associated with the name of the American chemist Charles Schnabel, Anne Wigmore and Kulvinkas further develop this idea. It is part of the "green wave" that has overtaken us in the last decade. It turns out that the human body needs much more green than is usually used in conventional cuisine. Wheatgrass is one of the most powerful green superfoods, preferred by people who care about their health and lead an environmentally friendly life. The juice from the green stalks is rich in numerous valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which are of utmost importance for improving the general well-being of the body. The main ingredient of wheatgrass - chlorophyll /about 70%/ is the "blood" of the plant kingdom. What hemoglobin is to us, chlorophyll is to plants. Science has proven that chlorophyll stops the growth and development of unfriendly bacteria. The list of wheatgrass ingredients is almost endless. It contains complete proteins, amino acids, 90 of the possible 102 minerals, vitamins and bioactive enzymes. Suitable for detoxification and restorative processes. Through good tourism marketing and promotional products, "Wheatgrass" can generate funds and become a complete cultural tourism product.

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