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Ia's Winery is located in the village of Kakheti region. in Gurjaani. 113 km from Tbilisi, 1.40 minutes by car. In addition, we offer the possibility of an overnight stay in a family hotel to guests who come to the site.

Harvest Party

package includes:

Participation in Kaketian Harvest ( grape picking - 1 hour, village Tsinandali)

Master class in the cellar: pressing grapes in a press, capturing grape juice in a pitcher - 1 hour);
Culinary master class: baking bread in the Georgian bakery (tone), grilling barbecue (mtsvadi), making churckhelas; (2 hours)
Master class - chacha distilling "Zaoti" (1 hour)
Dinner in Patskha with delicious dishes prepared in the family;
1 bottle of wine.

The harvest participant will be provided with a hat, scissors, bucket and drinking water.

Please wear a long-sleeved top and pants, as well as comfortable hard-soled shoes.

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