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Weekend tourist route “Legacy of Ages”

Weekend tourist route “Legacy of Ages”





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Weekend tourist route “Legacy of Ages”

Educational touristic weekend route reveals the visitors the past of the steppe area and people of the south, shows the present and combines two nature reserve areas: the Yelanetsky Steppe and the regional landscape park Pryinhulskyi. At the locations we offer our visitors: 1. To experience the spirit of past millennia and modern steppe landscapes, to learn how the fauna and flora worlds has transformed since the times of the Pontic Sea 2. To see American bison, which are descendants of ancient bison - inhabitants of the local steppes. To immerse yourself in the life and customs of people of the Stone Age - bison hunters. 3. To learn how to distinguish and use herbs in everyday life, to find out which plants remained from ancient times and what are their properties. To try preparing a charm potion. 4. To enjoy the taste of drinks and dishes from local herbs and organic products. 5. To immerse yourself in the life and customs of the people of the Scythian period. 6. To get acquainted with modern art in the bosom of nature. 7. To buy natural honey from local beekeepers. 8. To have a rest and enjoy some delicious food by the magical riverside.

Season :

Spring, Summer, Autumn,

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Duration of the service :

2 hours

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Reservation 3-4 days in advance, cancellation 2 days in advance

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