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Berikaoba allows visitors to participate in the ancient theatrical performance. The celebration’s key message is to promise a high-yield year. This requires participation in the festival and certain masqueraded rituals. The main idea of Berikaoba is popularization of traditional Georgian rituals, their preservation and raising awareness of the festival culture.

Berikaoba initially represented an agrarian festival dedicated to fertility and revival. It is also the ancient folk theatre and a carnival. Over the years, Berikaoba lost its religious function and became a reflection of the life and aspiration of working people. Up to 100 scenes of Berikaoba have been preserved. Most of them are comical and mainly based on household themes. By the decision of the Georgian National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation, the status of the monument of intangible cultural heritage was assigned to Berikaoba.

Season :

Spring, Winter,

Duration of the service :

5 hours


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