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On June 4, from 12:00, in the village of Udabno, in the vicinity of the Chichkhituri tower, a public holiday of outdoor activities will be held! Program of the event: ➡Organized by Sagarejo Municipality City Hall and with the support of Mayor Avtandil Gulikashvili, ▶️On June 4, at 12:00, near the village of Udabno, adjacent to the Davit Gareji monastery complex, with the blessing of the chief bishop of Sagarejo and Ninotsminda, Reverend Luke, the public holiday "Garejoba - 2023" will be celebrated in the village of Udabno. The public holiday of Gareji has been held near the large monastic complex of Davit Gareji since the 70s of the 20th century. After 1988, this holiday was celebrated only once, in 1997 on a small scale. On May 21, 2018, the said holiday organized by Sagarejo Municipality City Hall was restored as a public holiday of the municipality. The following will be presented at the event: 🔹 exhibition spaces; 🎨🤹 children's entertainment and artistic spaces; 📷 Photo exhibition - stories of foreign affairs; 🖼 photo stand; 🎬 Pantomime actors - performance "Garezula"; 🎭 theatre of movement; 📷 Giffer and memogram; ⌛️ living spaces; 🎎 thematic installations and decorations; 🔴 cooking show and master classes with the participation of famous chefs ("Master Chef" program); 🥋 wrestling space; 🏇 horse racing; 🍲 Ethno corners; 🍲 Master classes of traditional Georgian dishes and wine tasting; 🎤🎼 concert numbers performed by invited folk ensembles - Shavnabada and Rustavi; Local desert ensembles - "Kasletila" and "Imedi" Event host - Zura Gorgadze; ❗️🚐 St. From the central square of Sagarejo, starting at 10:00, minibuses will run in the direction of Davit Gareji.

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