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Kato Vashakmadze

Kato Vashakmadze


Kato Vashakmadze is a professional chef. Since 2020, he has been managing the café MAISI, which is part of the tourist complex and is located on the path leading to the glacier. The complex consists of several functionally connected elements - Kazbegi hut, Kazbegi cabins, cafe café MAISI. Suggestion: - tasting Khevi traditional dishes; - Modern restaurant service in a special environment - Synthesis of traditional and contemporary dishes - Gastronomic master class in case of special order.

Georgia, Gergeti



Georgia, Gergeti

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Georgia, Gergeti

During the visit, guests can learn about the history and nature of local cuisine and ingredients, participate in the preparation of traditional food and taste their prepared dishes. They will also relax in nature and enjoy the views, get to know the local hosts and plan a guided mountain trip in the surrounding area. In case of interest, they can book and stay overnight in Kazbegi hut and cabins.




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