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Master class of Georgian folk instruments

Master class of Georgian folk instruments

5 Davit Guramishvili St, Gori, Georgia

+995 591450301

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Professional musician Tamar Nushelidze will conduct a master class of traditional Georgian folk songs and instruments (Changi, Chonguri, Fandur, Bass-Fanduri Daira, Gudastvir, Chunir and others).

Music has played a crucial role in the country's history, and the tradition of making unique musical instruments goes hand in hand with it. The folk music styles in different regions are very different, making it difficult to characterize "Georgian folk music" monolithically. Due to the uniqueness of the musical tradition of each region, they also have their own instruments. Polyphonic singing has always had its natural place in Georgian public life, both on holidays and at regular gatherings. Archaeological materials, for example, a three-eyed shepherd’s pipes made of the swan tibia bone (XV-XIV centuries BC) from the archaeological excavations of Mtskheta, are proof of this. In the ancient period, the use of seven-point pipes, lyre, and bagpipes (Gudastvir) was already taking place. A fragment of a bone pipe, and figures of a lyre and drum player were also found in Uplistsikhe. Salamuri (pipe) found in the cult building in Uplistsikhe dates back to the 5th century BC. Today, the traditional method of making a Chang ( A type of lyre ) and Chunir ( A type of three-stringed violin ) has the status of intangible cultural heritage. The clay figure of Changiplayer, which was called “Musician” was found by archaeologists at “Bambebi” a ruined settlement near Uplistsikhe. It dates back to VII-VI cc. BC. A similar figure ( V c BC) was found in Kazbegi treasure, proving that multi-stringed instruments were widely spread at that time in Georgia.

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