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We have great news for you!
This time in Svaneti, the Gemo Fest is back.
Mestia, snow, delicious dishes by the Svani people, good music, an ideal atmosphere and a positive mood.
Can you make a better wish for the New Year?
The most delicious occasion, Gemo Fest 2023, takes place in Mestia on January 13–14 of that year.
Festival Agenda: 13.01.23 18:00 Levi love disco
21:00 Ako von Unten
22:45 Bedford falls
00:15 Ako von Unten
14.01.23 18:00 Radio Grue
21:00 Circus Mircus
22:15 Vas
#seeyouinmestia #nationaltourismadministration

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